Stories for HS,  civic and church groups:
Dogs I have Known and Loved!
Twins are Twice the Fun:
Mother  & Mother-in-law moments!
Its all in the Books!
Make Me a Blessing
Ben & Tom Declared INDEPENDENCE
Family Stories & why you should tell them!

Stories for Elementary & Middle School
Third Place and Applesauce in Space
(John Glenn Story)
Ben Franklin Patriot Senior
The Frog Prince
Cinderella &  Little Firefly
(Algonquin Cinderella)
Goldilocks & the Three Bears
The Eensy Weensy Spider
And Itsy Bitsy and Great Big Spider
The Gingerbread Man
Aesop’s Fables
Little Cricket’s Marriage
I Know an Old Lady who
Swallowed a Fly
More about my son Sam

October Specials:
The Halloween Visitor
 flannel board or storyteller versions
The Ghost with One Black Eye
Comin’ Up the Stairs
Ruby Red Lips
The Viper
Black Bubble Gum (TN style)

Mary had a baby boy
My Sons of Thunder
Silver Spurs
The Gift of the Magi
Mrs. Pepperpots and other old books!

Miss Pockets3 Stories & More  

Puppets & Props

“T. J.” -
Thomas Jefferson Bear:
a large Folkmanis puppet who, of course, went west
with Lewis & Clark.  Talks about his animal friends
and taking care of the outdoors.

“Cocoa”- a  Labrador puppy puppet, just right
for humor, pet care and tail tellin’.

Delilah The Dictionary Duck:
she gives away words…
Can request a word card or mini poster for
whole class or—she will give a post it with the
word to each child as you

Miss Pockets wears a pocket apron for
preschool and
elementary programs.  
She has pocket vest for middle school,
high school or adult
Story Telling Events

Berea KY Guild Artists & Craftsmen Festival 06
Pioneer Days - Hopkins County
Hopkins Co. Language Arts Festival
Kentucky Deer Classic
School, 4-H, Scout, Fair and Church events

Storytelling Training
Attended Widening Circles- KDLA Librarian Training
with Mary Hamilton and
Margaret Read MacDonald
Attended Cave Run (KY) Storytelling Festival
Attended NSN Storytelling Festival @ Jonesborough
Attended 5 years of KSA Conferences,
Taught workshops at 2
Popular Program Themes
Books tell Stories
American Heroes
Blessings & Memories
whatever you need....